Penis Pumps or Extenders Which One is Better

A common question many men have when considering penis enlargement is what product offers the best bang for their buck. If you only have one option which one is better, a penis pump or a stretcher. In reality, they both work very well and both have their pros and cons but one thing for sure they will both help men archive a bigger penis, in my article, I will try to be as specific about the benefits of each one and some of the advantages one has over the other.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps can be a very effective way for men to increase the size of the penis, most modern day penis pumps use water, making them very effective and easy to use, one of the attractive things about a penis pump is that they can be used discretely in the shower or bath, and pumping sessions last no more than 15-30 minutes making it easy to use every day.

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