Benefits of Using a Penis Pump

Benefits of using a penis pump and how you can restore your erections back to normal

Penis pumps or Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD) as it is medically called, is a common device that is used for erectile dysfunction treatment. It is estimated that more than 50% of men will suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction, using a penis pump offers men a safe alternative to prescription medications, it can improve erection quality, increase penis size, and help those men suffering from ED regain the ability to achieve an erection. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of using a Penis Pump.

Non-Invasive: A penis pump is one of the few non-invasive devices that can be used for treating ED and increasing penis size. Other procedures involve implants, surgery, and other invasive practices.

A penis pump is more effective than an invasive procedure. It has a success rate of about 47%, a surgical procedure has a success rate of around 17%. This means that the penis pump works for roughly 1 out of every 2 men who use them while a surgical procedure works for roughly 3 out of 10 men.

Risk-Free, Easy to Use and Cost Effective: The penis pump does not cost much. It is, in fact, a simple machine that uses the power of suction to stimulate the penis. It lasts for a long time and because of its simplicity, it is very durable. For most men, it is a one-time investment. Using a penis pump does not entail any kind of risk for men, It is also easy to set up and use.

Usage Benefits: People with ED will invariably be on some kind of medication or may even be considering a surgical procedure (implant). A penis pump can be used with other methods of ED treatment. It can, in fact, augment the benefits for men who are using prescription meds such as Cialis, Viagra or Levitra.

Many doctors might suggest using a penis pump for over prescription medications, especially those men suffering from certain health issues.

A penis pump can be used by men who are being treated for other kinds of health problems such as (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc)which may directly or indirectly cause ED as a side effect. In some situations, ED cannot be treated while men are taking certain medications making a penis pump a better alternative.

Stress-Induced ED Treatment: A penis pump is also highly effective for men who have ED because of a mental condition or stress. This kind of ED is usually temporary in nature but the recovery time can vary. Using a penis pump can speed up the recovery process.

Other benefits of using a penis pump include:

  • Increase penis size
  • Increase penis thickness
  • Prevent and eliminate symptoms of ED
  • Can help straighten a bent penis (Peyronie’s disease)
  • Improve sexual intercourse
  • Make erections stronger and fuller
  • A safe and natural alternative to surgical procedures
  • Different penis pumps for different symptoms

What is the best penis pump? This is a common question that many men will ask, what kind of penis pump is better, and this all depends on your symptoms, for men looking to mainly increase erection quality and penis size a water type (hydro pump) is best.

Hydro pumps like the Penomet use pressure created by water, this helps to increase the size of the chambers within the penis which are responsible for maintaining an erection, repeated use of a water type penis pumps improves blood flow and makes erections harder and much fuller, over time and with continuous use men will also experience incredible gains in length and thickness of the penis.

Dry vacuum pumps such as the Noogleberry have been around for a long time, dry vacuum pumps were originally created to reduce symptoms of ED. There are a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction issues, men who are taking medications to control blood pressure or prevent a stroke are unable to take ED medications, a penis pump is a good alternative. Dry Vacuum pumps offer men several benefits.

Noogleberry Penis Pump

Dry Vaccum penis pumps are a device that can help men easily achieve an erection, the way they work is by forcing blood into the penis, once an erection is achieved you place a penis ring at the base of the penis allowing for a lengthy erection, letting them have normal sexual intercourse. Not only do dry penis pumps help men achieve an erection, they also serve as a therapeutic device for improving blood flow to the penis while at the same time making your penis bigger.


As you can see the benefits of using a penis pump are many, If you are a man who is beginning to see some decline in erection quality the Penomet is your best option, it will help improve blood flow, prevent future issues with ED, and will also help you gain some size and thickness in your penis.

If you are currently unable to achieve an erection, a dry vacuum pump such as the Noogleberry is your best bet, it will immediately help you achieve an erection. Either product cost under $150.00 a very small price to pay for becoming sexually active again.