Do’s and Dont’s of Penis Enlargement

Do’s and Dont’s of Penis Enlargement. Some Simple Tips to Help You Through the Process

Penis enlargement has been around for hundreds of years. The difference with today’s products is that scientific research has been used to support or discredit the claims of many penis enlargement device and products.

This scientific approach has given men the confidence to act on the problem of having a short penis.

Men can safely and effectively use penis enlargement products to increase their size and girth and to restore their confidence. In this article I will discuss some simple do’s and don’ts of penis enlargement to help make your penis enlargement journey easier.

Do's and Don'ts of Penis Enlargement

There are four things that should be kept in mind before starting penis enlargement:

1-Do be patient.It takes time for tissue to grow. You would not expect your chest or arms to see immediate gains after you start going to the gym, would you? This is the same principle.

Again, just like in the gym, you would not work on your chest by doing bench presses three times a day. Your tissue needs time to recoup.

Commit yourself to regular and intense sessions over a period of time. Claims of any gains in days should be taken lightly. It takes somewhere around two weeks for results to show.

For effective penis enlargement being consistent and using a penis stretcher with moderate tension every day will give you the best results. Consistency has more to do than how much tension you put on the penis so, take things slow and be patient the results will come.

2-Do trim your pubic hair or shave it. The hair gets in the way of the traction devices and exercises. Pulling them during your penis enlargement exercises hurts!! Spare yourself the discomfort and pain- trim or shave the pubic hair off.

Trimming excess pubic hair is not hard, and for Pete’s sake don’t use any kind of hair removal cream, it burns and will irritate your skin. The best way to trim pubic hair is with some scissors or a disposable razor. Keeping pubic hair out of the way when wearing a penis stretcher will make wearing a stretcher very comfortable.

3- Do not measure too often. One of the biggest mistakes men make when they begin their penis enlargement journey is that they begin to measure their penis just a few days after using a stretcher.

The gains will not happen in one big spurt. This process takes time. Measuring too often is de-motivating. Since penis enlargement takes some time, it is important to keep your motivation up.

Before you begin using your stretcher measure once, measure both your (non-erect) flaccid size then measure your erect size. I recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before you take your next measurement when you do, write it down so you can see your progress.

The first couple of weeks you will see a gradual size increase that will usually shrink back, it takes time for the cell tissue cells to grow and become permanent. Many guys measure much to often and get frustrated. (trust me) I was one of those. Measuring every 4-6 weeks is best you will see gains and it will motivate you to stick with your sessions.

4- Do not get frustrated. Some exercises or devices require you to have a partially erect penis, especially when using a penis pump. It is difficult for some to maintain a partial erection to perform penis enlargement exercises. If you find yourself with a full erection try thinking about something that is not sexual. When your full erection abates you will be able to perform the exercises.


Remember what the ultimate goal is. A larger penis will give you the confidence you need to improve your sex life. Penis enlargement is not for everyone, there are many men that get frustrated and give up. The ones that don’t are glad they stuck with the process and a happy they now have added extra inches to the size of their penis.