Penis Pumps or Extenders Which One is Better

A common question many men have when considering penis enlargement is what product offers the best bang for their buck. If you only have one option which one is better, a penis pump or a stretcher. In reality, they both work very well and both have their pros and cons but one thing for sure they will both help men archive a bigger penis, in my article, I will try to be as specific about the benefits of each one and some of the advantages one has over the other.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps can be a very effective way for men to increase the size of the penis, most modern day penis pumps use water, making them very effective and easy to use, one of the attractive things about a penis pump is that they can be used discretely in the shower or bath, and pumping sessions last no more than 15-30 minutes making it easy to use every day.

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What is the Best Penis Enlargement Device

In this article, I will review some of the best penis enlargement devices to help you add inches to your penis.

Penis enlargement can be an embarrassing subject to discuss, for starters, talking about it with your friends might make them think that you have a small penis. Most of the time this is not the case, some of you just want to add a couple of inches more to what you already have.

I wrote this article so that men did not have to face the same struggles I did when looking for a penis enlargement device. There are several different brands of penis enlargement products sold, question is, which one works the best?

The most popular products for increasing penis size are stretchers and pumps. Stretchers are made to be worn for several hours a day. Penis pumps can be used for short sessions that last between 15-20 minutes.  Below I will provide a brief description of each method.

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Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

Does penis enlargement work? In this article, I discuss the basics of penis enlargement and what you can expect from using non-surgical methods.

Does penis enlargement work? It is true that a man can enlarge the size of his penis. Tens of thousands of men have increased the size of their penis with natural techniques. Certain urology specialists will disagree and say that there is no way to increase penis size, but they do so out of ignorance, having never tried the methods themselves or never having known a man who properly used these methods.

Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

There are several experts who understand that natural penis enlargement methods work. However, few scientific studies have been done on penis enlargement, because there is no profit motive for doing an expensive study on methods like jelqing that men don’t need to buy a product to do. The evidence is primarily anecdotal. Many men can honestly testify that they have increased the size of their own penis without surgery. I am one of these men!

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