The Best Penis Enlargement Methods

Want a bigger penis? Here are the best penis enlargement methods men can use to add inches to their penis.

If you believe that a bigger penis will mean a better sex life, then you should definitely look into this article! I checked our every penis enlargement method, found 3 that actually work, and determine which one is the best. In this article, I will tell you about the best penis enlargement methods every man can use to make their penis bigger.

Here’s the truth – every man wants to have a big penis. Nothing strange about it. We are oriented towards it all our lives, and in our culture, penis size is important.

Men who are happy with their penises are more confident, more successful in their careers, and they have a better sexual life. When you believe your member is disappointing, you will feel anxious about it.

You will feel more insecure at the gym. You will feel more anxious on dates. You’ll be a lot more worried about your sexual skills and performance. And as a result? Your performance will be poorer. This is a vicious cycle, but, you can always do something to break it.

I’m not talking about snake oils, incantations, and meditations. There are real, physical, scientifically backed, ways to enlarge your penis. Some are more, some are less successful, but they will definitely help. You will not just end up with a larger member, but with a larger self-confidence, and better performance.

Now you’re wondering – is this really possible? You almost made your peace with the fact that Mother Nature wasn’t exactly generous with you. But there’s no need for that.

You see, the size of your penis is only restricted by the corpora cavernosa, the erectile tissue. When your penis is erect, the blood that goes into it, makes it grow to its maximum. So, the main way to make your penis bigger is to make this tissue hold more blood.

Penis enlargement basically methods influence the erectile tissue, making the cells of Corpora Cavernosa extend more than they previously could. So what are the best methods for penis enlargement?

1. Pills

There are many penis enlargement pills on the market at the moment. Usually, these pills contain minerals, hormones, vitamins or herbs that should enlarge the penis. They will make your penis blood vessels bigger, causing larger erections. And, there will be a testosterone production increase.

Most of these products have similar ingredients, just in different amounts and combinations. Those ingredients make penis blood vessels store more blood, and expand. This means that penis pills will make your penis bigger when it’s erect, while its size will remain the same while it’s flaccid. First results are visible after about one month, and you can expect growth of about 1-1 1/2 inches.

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2. Penis Pumps

A penis pump is often referred to as a vacuum pump, vacuum constriction, or vacuum erection pump. Usually, this is a really simple thing. It has a chamber and a gaiter. The pump and cylinder work together, they create a vacuum that should keep the penis erect. Sometimes this product comes with a band or a ring that will help maintain the erection.

The pump makes a vacuum, the vacuum pulls blood into your penis, traps it there, and you get a bigger, harder erection. Pumps demand a lot of effort and time. If you don’t use them regularly, every day, for months, you won’t see permanent results. First visible results when it comes to length and girth will be there after about 6 weeks.

Penis Pump

3. Stretchers

At the beginning, penis stretchers were rather strange, uncomfortable devices. They had stretching mechanisms that wouldn’t stay in place and they were made of cheap plastic.

The worst part was wearing them – modern torture. Better models are simple and comfortable. You use them every day, on a flaccid penis, and results are visible after only a few weeks.

Penis stretchers work very simply – they hold the penis in the traction position in order to trigger hyperplasia. Basically, you stretch your penis for long periods of time, and the erectile tissue gets stretched and starts making new cells, increasing amount of tissue cells. The results are pure, permanent, length gains.

Penis Stretcher

Even WebMD admits that this method works. So, who wins? I looked into the side effects of each method. With pills, people say that they experienced arrhythmia, nausea, even permanent problems with semi-erections.

When it comes to pumps, there are men who say those permanently damaged the blood vessels in their penis and others who “only” had heavy bruising and had to obtain from sex for months.

Pills and pumps both focus on momentary gains, which is a negative if you don’t want to use them forever. Stretchers come without those issues, and that’s why I honestly recommend them. Plus, they are the only method that focuses solely on permanent gains.