The Truth Behind True Penis Growth: Cell Division

Ever wonder how penis enlargement works? In this article we will look at the truth behind penis growth also known as cell division

Remember those things in your body called cells? Below we will dive into the basics of cell division, and how that impacts penis growth.

A cell is the basic functioning unit that makes all living things run – all the way from tiny bacteria to massive elephant dicks, and even yours. In order for a cell to reproduce, it must divide itself.

For organisms that are single-celled, their life wouldn’t be able to reproduce without cell replication. As for multi-cellular organisms, cell replication is actually needed for growth, reproduction, and maintaining the body since cells are constantly dying.

In massive, intricate organisms like mammals, cells are in a constant cycle of reproducing and dying, which in turn keeps the tissues of the organism rejuvenated. The whole process is called cell division the cycle is referred to as, well, a cell cycle.

The Basics of Cell Division

When pre-existing cells divide they are basically creating brand new cells. These new cells can either create daughter cells which help with body growth, repairing tissues, and asexual reproduction (or called mitosis), or sexual reproduction (meiosis).

By definition, cell division is when a mature parent cell divides and creates two or more daughter cells that are genetically identical (same DNA).

The Types of Cell Division

When it comes to cells there are two different kinds, ones that have a true nucleus (eukaryotes), and ones that do not have a true nucleus (prokaryotes). The process we keep talking about, cell division, varies a little bit depending on what kind of cell it is. The two types of cell division are:

  • Mitosis – This is the more common type of cell division of the two, and is a constantly happening in every single tissue in your body. Like mentioned above, mitosis is essential for providing cells that help you grow, replace old cells, and asexual reproduction.

With mitosis, the freshly formed daughter cells will be capable of dividing again to create new cells. Simply put, mitosis is the end result of a cell turning into two, each having a separate nucleus and set of chromosomes. However, the genetic composition of all those cells stay the same.

  • Meiosis – A complex process where the chromosome number is cut in half in the daughter cells. The daughter cells formed from meiosis will only be able to reproduce if it can combine with another cell. As you could probably guess, meiosis is only used for sexual reproduction a.k.a. human reproduction.

What Can Affect Cell Division?

The whole process is capable of being stimulated by certain things like chemical compounds. Molecules known as cytokines are sometimes secreted from cells and can stimulate other cells to start doing cell division. Also, coming into contact with adjacent cells can potentially help control cell division.

What Does This Have to Do With Penis Growth?

In complex, multi-celled organisms like humans, our bodies depend upon cell division for life. Every part of the human body that has tissue needs cells to grow, so you are totally dependent on cell division for any type muscle growth or regeneration. Cell division also ensures that you are able to repair any damaged tissues and able to grow to your full mature size.

Penis Size: Cell Division and You

Just in case you didn’t know, the human penis is made up of various tissues just like other parts of your body. This means that with no cell division going on, your testicles and penis aren’t getting any larger.

Many believe that cell division in the penis causes hugely dramatic changes throughout the whole organ. The results can include the proliferation of the vascular vessels, urethra, cutaneous cover, muscle, and fasciae. In short, this proliferation takes place all through the penis, leading to an increase in both the length and the girth of the unit.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

In conclusion, mitosis is the process when a cell in the tissue of a penis splits into two (cellular division), each being a mirror image of the original cell. That replication of cells is what causes your tissues to grow.

This whole process can happen very fast which will grant you the precious new cells that you need for a longer and larger penis.