Why a Big Penis is Important

Why a big penis is important and some of the benefits it can offer

Most men shrug off the fact that big penis is not important. While many surveys among women say that penis size is not important this is not always true. In this article, I will discuss why a big penis is important.

Believe it or not, women do judge men on the size of their penis, many say it is just as important as height.

Authors from Australian National University found that the size of a flaccid penis can have a significant impact on how women view the attractiveness of a man’s body.

Another interesting fact comes from a survey done by a dating site called 7orbetter.com.

When surveyed, women ranked penis size to be more important than the size of a man’s bank account. Obviously, this site is for women looking for men with a penis size 7 inches or bigger.

What the breakdown showed was that 48% of women said penis size was very important.

29% said personal wealth was more important. 15% said a guy’s looks were important, while 5% said status was important and the smallest percentage 3% did not have an opinion.

While size does not guarantee that you will be a great lover, there are some sexual benefits that come with having a big penis.

Confidence in most situations sexual or not

I found when growing up the guys with a small penis were always shy in the gym, locker room or showers, this has nothing to do with sex but having a big penis gives men overall confidence, even when using a urinal, so many guys do tend to look over and take a peak.

In certain sexual situations such as maybe a threesome, a big penis would be important.

Better one night stands

While it is true women like men with financial stability, most women looking for a one night stand will overlook certain things such as financial wealth, driving a nice car or not being in great physical shape. Some women just like a big penis and in the heat of the moment will not care about anything else.

You will satisfy women with a big vagina

Not all women have small and tight vaginas, just like men with a big penis, there are plenty of men and women who are willing to accommodate you. A big penis can give a woman with a big vagina lots of pleasure.

More self-confidence

Men that achieve even slight gains from penis enlargement show more confidence than they did before.

Women say that penis size does not matter but they sure do talk about it among friends. If you want to impress a woman be it a one night stand or your first sexual encounter,  a big penis will make you more sure about yourself when having sex.

This confidence has important social repercussions. Women are more attracted to men that exude confidence.

In addition, this confidence reduces anxiety over performance and allows the man to perform better in bed.

Improved sexual control

A big penis gives you full control over sexual performance, it’s better to have a little more than not enough. Most women like men who control different variations of penetration, a thick penis has as much to do with sexual pleasure as length does.

A longer penis if used it the right positions can be more effective at hitting the G-Spot and help women achieve orgasm.

Increased length and girth

In a simplified way, the stimulation of the nerve endings of the vagina is what gives women sexual pleasure. These bundles of nerves are located at the surface of the vagina. A longer and wider penis allows you to stimulate a larger surface of these nerves and therefore give more pleasure to your partner.


Not all women are fans of a big penis, some say an average size penis between 5-6 of inches is ok but most women like something 7 inches or bigger. The important thing is to be happy and self-confident about yourself and what you have.

If if you do wish you could add an inch or two to the size of your penis it’s not impossible and a good penis stretcher can do the trick.